I. Interviews


WGBH Boston "The COVID emergency is expiring in Massachusetts. What happens now?"- May 11, 2023.

NY Times "‘Tripledemic’ Rages On: Fever-Filled Weeks Lie Ahead"- December 22, 2022.

WGBH Boston "Local wastewater shows an uptick in COVID. What does it mean?"- September 30, 2022.

Boston Globe "The level of coronavirus in Eastern Mass. waste water just shot up"- September 28, 2022.

MSN/Boston Globe "COVID cases increase sharply among Mass. children and teens as school starts, fall arrives"- September 28, 2022.

Boston Globe " ‘I call malarkey.’ Biden says COVID-19 pandemic is ‘over.’ But some experts say not so fast."- September 20, 2022.

Wired "Monkeypox Cases in the US Are Falling. There's No One Reason Why"- September 15, 2022.

Boston Globe "Experts say COVID-19 won't hit as hard this fall, but remain wary of the possible rise of a new variant"- September 1,  2022

Bakersfield Californian  "Monkeypox won’t remain an 'MSM disease' indefinitely, so let's stop treating it that way" (Guest Column, with Andrew Noymer)- August 29, 2022.

Desert Sun (Palm Springs, CA) "Monkeypox won’t remain an 'MSM disease' indefinitely, so let's stop treating it that way" (Guest Column, with Andrew Noymer)- August 26, 2022.

Tampa Bay Times "Can Baby Boomers quit worrying monkeypox if they were vaccinated against smallpox as kids?” (Guest Column, with Andrew Noymer)- August 13, 2022.

Boston Globe “Coronavirus levels in waste water remain elevated in Eastern Mass. as BA.5 uncertainty persists”- July 11, 2022.

WGBH Boston “Contagious Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 now make up majority of New England cases”- July 7, 2022.

Medscape “Monkeypox mutating faster than expected”- July 7, 2022.
Boston Globe “State officials are pondering reducing COVID-19 reporting frequency to weekly”- July 6, 2022.

Boston Globe “Keep a sharp eye out for COVID-19 symptoms now that Fourth gatherings have passed, experts say”- July 5, 2022.

Boston Globe “Here’s what you need to know about Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5”- June 27, 2022.

Boston Globe “CDC says COVID-19 subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 now account for more than 7 percent of New England cases- June 7, 2022.
Boston Globe “Number of Mass. counties with high COVID levels has dropped to 5, per CDC”- June 3, 2022. “COVID levels in wastewater trend up, indicating current surge will continue”- May 19, 2022.
Boston Globe “Fauci says US is out of the ‘full-blown’ pandemic phase. But experts warn the virus still poses a threat”- April 27, 2022.

Boston Globe “Medical experts advise public to keep masking on public transit after federal judge lifts national mandate”- April 19, 2022.
Boston Globe “CDC estimates new Omicron version accounts for 20 percent of New England COVID-19 cases”- April 19, 2022.
Boston Globe “Mass. case numbers, coronavirus levels in waste water tick up from low levels” - March 29, 2022.
WGBH, Boston “COVID-19 found in 15% of Massachusetts deer tested” - March 17, 2022.

Boston Globe “COVID-19 cases in other countries are rising. How worried should the US be?”- March 16, 2022.

WGBH, Boston  “As masks come off, experts warn the pandemic isn’t over”- March 11, 2022.
WGBH, In It Together- Again “Reflections after 2 years of the pandemic, and looking forward”- March 10, 2022.

Boston Globe “Mass. loosens recommendation on indoor masking”- Feb. 15 2022.
WGBH, Boston “Experts say not to worry about new version of Omicron detected in Massachusetts”- Feb. 5, 2022
Boston Globe “Charts show hospitalizations falling in Mass. as Omicron weakens, but deaths are still rising”- Jan 25, 2022
WGBH, Boston “As state ignores at-home COVID test data, boards of health come up with their own solutions.”- Jan. 11, 2022
WGBH, Boston “‘No ICU beds left’: Doctors say Massachusetts hospitals stretched thin by COVID surge”- Jan. 4 2022

New England Public Media “Another major COVID-19 surge in western New England”- Dec. 15, 2021
NBC Boston“Is Baker Bringing Back Massachusetts’ Mask Mandate? Here’s What He Says”- December 13, 2021
Boston Globe “Without statewide mask mandate against COVID-19, Mass. will ‘fight this war with one arm tied behind our backs’”- December 12, 2021.
Boston Globe “2020 vs. 2021: These charts show the similarities in Massachusetts’ COVID-19 surges”- December 8, 2021
Boston Globe “Coronavirus cases are rising in Mass. How high will they go?”- December 5, 2021.
WGBH, Boston “Experts worry about spiking Mass. COVID case counts, hold out on Omicron judgments”- Dec. 2, 2021
WGBH News  “Mass. COVID Numbers Have Stopped Declining. Experts Say They Have An Idea Why”- March 25, 2021

NY Times “Will Massachusetts’s Vaccine Buddy System Work? Well, It’s Worth a Shot”- February 12, 2021

Pro Publica “We’ve Let the Worst Happen: Reflecting on 400,000 Dead."- January 23, 2021
WGBH News “New More Contagious Coronavirus Likely In Massachusetts, But Can Be Contained, Say Local Epidemiologists”- January 12, 2021


Amherst Media-Amherst Weekly Report “COVID Vaccines and Public Health”- December 11, 2020
WGBH News “Local Public Health Experts Weigh In On Biden’s COVID-19 Plan”- November 9, 2020

Boston Globe “High school sports on ice: Can there even be a winter season?"- October 31, 2020

WGBH News “Number Of Massachusetts Cities, Towns With High COVID-19 Rates Nearly Doubles In A Week”- October 8, 2020
Daily Hampshire Gazette “UMass team lands $427K grant to pinpoint high-risk tick locations”- September 28, 2020
Mass-Live “UMass volunteers to help study coronavirus exposure on campus, statewide”- July 9, 2020
Politifact- Truth-O-Meter “Social media image about mask efficacy right in sentiment, but percentages are ‘bonkers’ “- July 1, 2020
Newsy- The Briefing “COVID-19 Update with Infectious Disease Expert Andrew Lover”- June 18, 2020
Metrowest Daily News, Framingham “Health directors need critical numbers to know if community spread of coronavirus is decreasing”- June 2020
NBC 10 Boston “Boston Protesters Urged to Get Free COVID-19 Testing”- June 9, 2020
Boston Globe “Governor Baker to announce details of Massachusetts reopening today”- May 18, 2020
Boston Globe “Massachusetts researchers are on front lines of coronavirus antibody testing” (Sero-Mass study)- May 3, 2020
The Economist “The young seem to be less likely to catch or pass on COVID-19”- May 2, 2020
WWLP 22 News, Springfield- Mass Appeal “UMass Epidemiologist Answers COVID-19 Questions”- April 29, 2020
WGBH Radio- In It Together “Daily discussions about COVID-19 in Massachusetts”- April 13, 2020
Tampa Bay Herald “Florida’s count of coronavirus deaths is missing some cases”- April 11, 2020
Boston Herald “Coronavirus cases way underreported in Massachusetts, across nation: Experts”- March 27, 2020
NY Times “Twitter Blocks The Federalist for Promoting Coronavirus Parties”- March 26, 2020
Wired Magazine “Researchers Push for Mass Blood Tests as a COVID-19 Strategy”- March 26, 2020
FiveThirtyEight “Experts Say The Coronavirus Outlook Has Worsened, But The Trajectory Is Still Unclear”- March 26, 2020
Business Insider “More than a dozen researchers predicted how the US’s coronavirus outbreak will end. They estimated nearly 200,000 people could die by the end of the year."- March 26, 2020
WGBY Television- Connecting Point “Coronavirus Myth-busting: Separating Fact from Fiction”- March 25, 2020
Wired Magazine “Trump’s Itch to Reboot the Economy Would Be a Fatal Error”- March 24, 2020
FiveThirtyEight “Infectious Disease Experts Don’t Know How Bad The Coronavirus Is Going To Get, Either”- March 20, 2020
Newsy- The Briefing “Experts: COVID-19 Cases to peak in May without more action”- March 19, 2020
Gizmodo “Real Number of U.S. Coronavirus Cases Could Be as High as 150,000, New Estimates Suggest”- March 19, 2020
Bloomberg Quint “Coronavirus testing gap created public health chaos across US”- March 12, 2020
Mass Live “Coronavirus protection starts with basic hygiene”- March 6, 2020

II. UMass Press Releases and Campus Events

UMass Research Highlight "Confronting a public health threat in the Great Outdoors-  The New England Center of Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases (NEWVEC), headquartered at UMass Amherst, promotes collaborative research and outreach aimed at more effective control of ticks and mosquitoes. " - May 18, 2023.

UMass Press Release “Study Estimates 5.3% SARS-CoV-2 Exposure Rate Last Summer Among UMass Amherst Undergrads and Their Families”- March 12, 2021
UMass Press Release “UMass Amherst Looks Ahead to Spring, Having Established a Proven Infrastructure to Test for COVID-19 and Protect Public Health”- December 10, 2020
Computational Social Science Initiative “COVID-19, College Campuses, and Contact Tracing”- November 19, 2020
Med-life Science News “UMass Amherst epidemiologist receives NIH grant to develop new tick surveillance method”- September 25, 2020
SciX “Scientists to develop new surveillance method for tick-borne disease transmission”- September 25, 2020
UMass Press Release “A New Twist on Public Health Tick Surveillance”- September 24, 2020
UMass Press Release “New UMass Amherst COVID-19 Dashboard Launched”- August 26, 2020
UWW/Alumni Relations/School of Public Health and Health Sciences “Special Forum: Moving Forward: COVID-19 Reopening Pathways”- August 12, 2020
UMass Press Release “UMass Amherst Study Underway to Estimate Coronavirus Exposure on Campus and Across State”- July 9, 2020
UMass Press Release “Federal Grants Support Research to Improve Pandemic Forecasting”- July 1, 2020
UMass Magazine “A Virus Changes Everything”- Spring 2020
UMass Life Science Cafe “Covid-19 Panel featuring University of Massachusetts faculty”- May 7, 2020
UMass Institute for Applied Life Sciences “COVID-19 Town Hall and Q&A-Recap, plus Sero-MAss study”- April 24, 2020
School of Public Health and Health Sciences “State’s COVID-19 Response Gets Vital Assistance from School of Public Health and Health Sciences at UMass Amherst”- April 1, 2020
School of Public Health and Health Sciences “Gerber Leads SPHHS Effort to Assist State”- March 27, 2020
UMass News Office “Portable AI Device Turns Coughing Sounds Into Health Data for Flu Forecasting”- March 19, 2020
Daily Collegian “Scholars dissect COVID-19 at Amherst College roundtable”- March 5, 2020

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