Andrew Lover is an assistant professor of epidemiology in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences, at UMass-Amherst. His research covers a broad range of infectious disease epidemiology, including vector-borne disease; surveillance and forecasting; malaria; and the design, implementation, and analysis of complex epidemiological studies, in both domestic (Western Massachusetts) and global contexts (including Vietnam, Lao PDR, Timor-Leste, and Cambodia).

He is also the Deputy Director of the CDC-funded New England Center of Excellence in Vector-borne Disease. This regional consortium (based at UMass) compromises a wide range of academic and public health partners from across New England. Further information:

His research over the past ten years has been directed towards the design, implementation, and analysis of epidemiological studies and subsequent policies that address where slippages in both community- and individual-level public health programming occur, and ways to address these gaps through improved programing or novel interventions.

SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. The Lover Lab is currently supporting global efforts to mitigate the impacts of this pandemic. This work includes a faculty role in UMass campus response; syndromic surveillance and modeling studies; and implementation of a large-scale serological survey (“antibody test”) across Massachusetts.

Tick-borne infections. The Lover Lab has received funding from the NIH for tick-borne studies in Western Massachusetts. These novel spatial case-control studies will aim to identify areas with highest human-tick overlaps, to help optimize public health tick surveillance programs in New England and beyond.

His lab currently consists of five PhD students (Estee Cramer, Teah Snyder, Johanna Ravenhurst,  Mahfuj Alam, and Augustine Dada). Their main research studies involve a combination of qualitative and quantitative field data collection, quantitative analysis, and modeling to directly inform public health policy.

Main Research Interests
  • Infectious disease surveillance (pathogens, serology & vectors)
  • Vector-borne disease
  • Interventional trials
  • Global health
  • Research Fellow (2015-2018)
    University of California, San Francisco
  • PhD, Epidemiology (2015)
    National University of Singapore
  • MPH, Epidemiology and Global Health (2011) 
    National University of Singapore
  • MS, Organic Chemistry (2003)
    University of California, Santa Barbara
  • BA, Chemistry (1997)
    Earlham College

Most Recent Publications

Quantifying the relationship between SARS-CoV-2 wastewater concentrations and building-level COVID-19 prevalence at an isolation residence using a passive sampling approach

Patrick T Acer, Lauren M Kelly, Andrew A Lover, Caitlyn S Butler

medRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Preprints, 2022

Characterizing the spatial distribution of multiple malaria diagnostic endpoints in a low-transmission setting in Lao PDR

Isabel Byrne, Estee Cramer, Luca Nelli, Francois Rerolle, Lindsey Wu, Catriona Patterson, Jason Rosado, Elin Dumont, Kevin KA Tetteh, Emily Dantzer, Bouasy Hongvanthong, Kimberly Fornace, Gillian Stresman, Andrew A Lover, Adam Bennett, Chris Drakeley

Frontiers in Medicine, vol. 9, Frontiers Media, 2022

Optimizing the implementation of a participant-collected, mail-based SARS-CoV-2 serological survey in university-affiliated populations: lessons learned and practical guidance

Estee Y Cramer, Teah Snyder, Johanna Ravenhurst, Andrew A Lover

BMC public health, vol. 22, BioMed Central, 2022, pp. 1--9

Early human judgment forecasts of human monkeypox, May 2022

Thomas McAndrew, Maimuna S Majumder, Andrew A Lover, Srini Venkatramanan, Paolo Bocchini, Tamay Besiroglu, Allison Codi, David Braun, Gaia Dempsey, Sam Abbott, Sylvain Chevalier, Nikos I Bosse, Juan Cambeiro

The Lancet Digital Health, 2022 Jul, pp. S2589750022001273

Human judgment forecasts of human monkeypox transmission and burden in non-endemic countries

Thomas McAndrew, Maimuna S. Majumder, Andrew A. Lover, Srini Venkatramanan, Paolo Boccini, Tamay Besiroglu, Allison Codi, David Braun, Gaia Dempsey, Sam Abbott, Sylvain Chevalier, Nikos I. Bosse, Juan Cambeiro

preprint, 2022 May

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Andrew Lover

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology

[email protected]

(+1) 413-545-7426

Biostatistics and Epidemiology, School of Public Health and Health Sciences


409 Arnold House
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